ooh so many things to see

I thought for a while that I wanted to live in the South. I thought I had some sort of kinship to it. I would spend most of my vacation time down below the Mason Dixon, take photos, wander aimlessly. At first I’d look for things that would support stereotypical views that I had. Then I’d just go down and let things reveal themselves. Do you remember the movie Christine when the car is about to fix itself and the guy says, “Show me.” That’s how I began to approach my trips. Show me.

My enamouring of this place was the catalyst for beginning Southernist. I sought out southern things in New York and would curate or compile them here. And sometimes I’d write about my journeys or cool people doing interesting things.

I now live part-time in Columbus, GA. During this time, Southernist will focus on my life there.

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