SCENE: Doo-Nanny 2008

Ousider artist and all around cool guy Butch Anthony held his annual Doo-Nanny on his property in Seale, AL last weekend.
The photo above was taken at Butch’s in 2005. He has created a wondrous, magical environment of art, nature, sculpture, and oddities. Transformative and experiential. Doo-Nanny 2007: roadside art fair during the day in nearby Pittsview. That evening, under a clear and starry eastern-AL night sky, we watched short films, ate a potluck dinner/BBQ, and danced barefooted to live old-timey music. Sort of hard to get to, but absolutely worth the journey.

One thought on “SCENE: Doo-Nanny 2008

  1. The Do-Nanny (This is the spelling Mr. Turner used) was co-founded by Frank Turner (Mayor’s office Folk Art in Pittsview, AL) and Butch Anthony and, until last year, was always held at Mayor’s office Folk Art Gallery in Pittsview, AL. It moved to Butch’s because Mr. Turner was too sick with lung cancer to oversee it this past year. So, although it may be Butch’s Doo-nanny now, Frank Turner deserves at least half of the credit for its origin and continuation. And, yes, the Do-Nanny is a wonderful thing!

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