SPORT: TGIF – Thank God It’s Fall

UGA Alum Julie Camp Gears Up For A
Time Honored Southern Tradition

It’s a beautiful, crisp fall day in north Georgia. Every good Southern girl worth her salt is putting on her finest red and black dress for the day’s main event. Pearls and heels are followed by perfecting those blonde locks before stepping out of the house. To a regular ‘ol person this Southern belle might look ready for church – and in a way she is. But church is on Saturday afternoons and the cathedral is Sanford Stadium…after all, Georgia football is a religion!

To a Dawg there is nothing finer in the land than a Saturday in Athens, GA surrounded by friends and family watching the greatest football team play the greatest sport on Earth. Everyone dresses their best to salute their boys, but no one is afraid to get a little dirty during the tailgate.

As a Dawg myself, I begin counting down the days till football season in June. And even though I now call New York City my home, I’m not the least bit ashamed to dress in full red and black to support my boys come fall!

So as we prepare for Georgia’s first game this Saturday against GA Southern, I’d like to ask everyone – no matter your “religion” – to join me in the time honored tradition of calling the Dawgs.

Goooo….Dawgs! Sic’em! Woof, woof, woof!

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