BOOK: Knitting & Nana…

I have warm childhood memories of little handknit yummies bestowed upon me by my, now 93 year old, grandmother. She used to knit us scarves and blankets and maybe some gloves but my alltime favorite was a white hat with blue – somewhere between royal and baby…maybe something in the neighborhood of UNC blue – anyway, a white hat with blue letters that spelled out my name – A N N E, and topped off with a magical matching pom pom.

A few years back, while traveling thru Appalachian Kentucky (Hatfield & McCoy country) I ran across a sweet little lady knitting wool caps in a store affiliated with the acclaimed documentary house Appalshop. The hipster knitting craze had taken over NYC at the time and both experiences melded into the bright idea of me asking my nana to teach me. However, I couldn’t seem to abide by the Mason-Dixon Knitting Rule Number 1: “Knitting is spoze to be fun.”

So, I gave up.

Luckily, for those who stuck with it, the bi-regional (NYC/Nashville) Mason Dixon knitting crew is back with their second book: Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. Even if knitting’s not your thing, their story alone is pretty cool: KAY GARDINER and ANN SHAYNE met on an online knitting message board years ago, and their correspondence has grown into a community of more than 150,000 knitters, and 2 published books!

Their book tour comes to the NYC area this week:
NEW YORK, NY, Thursday, October 16
6:00pm, beloved Knitty City

NEW YORK, NY, Friday, October 17
TBA, sleek and fabulous Purl Soho

RHINEBECK, NY, Sunday, October 19
10:00am-4:00pm, the surreal experience that is the NY Sheep & Wool Festival

NEW YORK, NY, Tuesday, October 21
6:30pm, the beautifully bookish Brooklyn Public Library

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