BOOK: TRAILER TRASHED by Hollis Gillespie

Once upon a time, Hollis Gillespie was ashamed about having a hard-drinking, trailer-salesman dad and a missile-making mom with broken dreams of being a beautician. That was then. This is now. Trailer Trashed is a hilarious and heartbreaking collection of essays on one broad theme—Hollis’s relationships with her offbeat sisters, her precocious daughter, her bizarre friends, and the people they love. Brimming with irreverent, side-splitting observations on life that will wow fans of Augusten Burroughs and Sarah Vowell, Trailer Trashed follows an offbeat single mom through the raucous journey of her life, from hauling a safe to Nicaragua for her sister to selling a television series in Los Angeles for herself. (source)

Atlanta-based Hollis Gillespie is a “recovering slut,” “bleachy-haired honky bitch,” mother, writer and keynote speaker. She has recurring columns in Paste, Atlanta Magazine and Creative Loafing, and has published 3 books. She also holds writing workshops – the Shocking Real-Life Writing Academy.

She’s kinda sorta an idol of mine…Trailer Trashed is out now.

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