SCREEN: LAKE CITY opens 11/21 @ Quad NYC

In this searing Southern drama, a mother and son reunite under desperate circumstances years after a family tragedy drove them far apart. Billy and his son Clayton are on the run from his estranged wife’s drug dealer after she stiffs him and disappears. With nowhere else to go, Billy returns to his mother’s house in the Virginia countryside to hide out. As he searches for his missing wife, he reconnects with his childhood friend, now a local police officer and begins to confront his troubled past.

Dave Matthews plays a scary thug and Sissy Spacek, well, you know, she’s the bomb in anything! Lake City opens in NYC and LA 11/7 and everywhere else a week later. The film is directed by Perry Moore and Hunter Hill, and produced by uber-fab socialite/art patron/actress Allison Sarofim.

Film opens at QUAD ON 11/21!!!

One thought on “SCREEN: LAKE CITY opens 11/21 @ Quad NYC

  1. Please check out the review an audience member left about DAVE MATTHEWS’ performance as the villain on IMDB under “LAKE CITY.” Impressive debut from the Virginia Film Festival. Both Sissy Spacek and Jane Fonda were in attendance. Thanks for helping to get the word out. It would be an honor to join the long rank of authentic Southern movies ranging from “To Kill A Mockingbird” to “Sling Blade.” Thanks again–hope everyone gets a chance to see it!All the best,Perry Moore

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