SOUNDS/SCENE: Gringolandia Closes with a New Orleans brass bang

photo credit: One Two One Three/Flickr

New Orleans post-apocalyptic brass sensation Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship sails into Manahttan tomorrow to help the magnificent Honey-Space close Mickey Western’s fantabulous Gringolandia installation.

Friday Saloon 11/21 @ 8PM til late
Closing party with live performances by Mickey Western, New Orleans brass sensation Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship, and Hurray For The Riff

Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship, which sounds like “singing yourself to sleep, and dancing yourself to alacrity,” floats over to Brooklyn on Saturday (11/22) to tape a performance at The Fort.

From NY Art Beat: Gringolandia is an installation, saloon, and full-sensory performance space created by Mickey Western. The title of the exhibition references America, while indicating, simultaneously, a fundamentally outsider perspective. The conceptual framework for the exhibition is built upon the mythos of the Universal Outlaw- that perennial character in American culture who exists on the margins of mainstream, polite society: the poets, preachers and vigilantes whose moral codes have been determined by an internal value system free from the laws of the state.

During the course of the exhibition Mickey will inhabit the space and interact with visitors passing through. Handheld audio tours of the exhibition will be available. A full calendar of events, readings and performances will be released with the first edition of the Chelsea Gonzo, and posted on the gallery’s website whenever we recover from the opening party, with additions to the calendar coming in all the time. Regular evening programming will include a Thursday Saloon Salon, and a Saturday Speakeasy Saloon.

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