A stream of consciousness e-mail conversation with artist Grant Henry and his “altar” ego Sister Louisa: my gallery Sister Louisa’s Art Gallery in the Church of The Living Room And Ping Pong Emporium is in my home in a loft in downtown atlanta…i live in a work/live loft spacewhich caters to the art community by offering moderate income housing to artists,as opposed to single mothers raising litters of kids. it is what it is.

i bleed sister Louisa because that’s what i do to process my former relationshipto societal institutions such as religion, politics, family, and community.

i love playing with the symbols of what we all are taught to believe, without necessarily attaching myself to any of those beliefs.

i love the south. i love when one’s faith is more sophisticated than the believer herself.i love injecting humor into serious, forbidden places.

foremost: i believe that god’s love for me IS GREATERthan anything i can do, or say, to fuck that up!to diminish that sense of unconditionality.

i never apologize for my art. it’s a balance.

i’m an artist who doesn’t paint (i use found paintings/boards/windows), and a writer who doesn’t write (i use as few words as possible), and i don’t pursue a gallery because i’m the ultimate anti-artist, i don’t do my art to sell my art (however quickly it DOES fly off my walls), i do it to process my feelings, process world events, (i’m working on the VIRGIN SARAH PALIN, and jesus peering across the water saying: I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM HERE!)

i can’t be so intentional as to be part of a DIY MOVEMENT, i just do it myself. i’m not a joiner.

i put SISTER LOUISA pieces on my website, i put SISTER LOUISA pieces on my facebook and myspace pages, i donate SISTER LOUISA art about 20 times a year to anyone who needs it, and i participate in shows if i’m asked.

we have monthly creative writing seminars in my space…going with the flow gets me where i’m going. i’m fortunate to have a local writer who writes about me, grant henry, and about my art, sister louisa, in newspapers, magazines, and books to have gotten some exposure for SISTER LOUISA.

people crave content, yearn for the truth, and want to say things they aren’t “supposed to say”, so sister louisa provides the levity and courage to face people’s shit.

as far as galleries go? Hmmmmmmm…i’ve never pursued a gallery, i am fortunate to have a huge in home gallery, in the center of atlanta, in a space that give me ample exposure.

i price my pieces based on biblical numbers, not profit.

$33 for a small piece. $66.6 for a little bigger piece.$133.00 for an even bigger piece. $166.60……..$266.60……..not for religious reasons, but for giggles.

laura dern (actress) has pieces. tammy faye bakker (fabulous religious nutcase) has(had) a piece. ben harper (musician) has a piece. kate pierson (b52’s) has several pieces. fred schneider (b52’s) has several pieces. david arquette (actor) has a grant trucker hat. anne kristoff (blogger to the arts) needs one.

i’ve done several art cars and also an art house…….put an ad on the wall of the coffee shop with the art car on it stating: CRACK CAR FOR SALE: $80,000.00 (INCLUDES CRACK HOUSE)

my space has a last supper table complete with a jesus chair and 12 disciple chairs,church pews, a pulpit, revival lights, and real church chandeliers, and, of course,the ping pong table:


Come On In, Precious….

Sister Louisa will be serving up some Spiritual Sangria:
December 6th & 7th, 2008 at
The 13th Annual Telephone Factory Art Show

828 Ralph McGill Boulevard NE, Loft 202
Atlanta, Georgia 30306

4 thoughts on “HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS: Sister Louisa

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  2. I’m a big fan of Grant Henry. I hear he knits toilet paper cozies in his spare time, and French braids hair. His bathroom has a border trim printed with baskets and blue ducks.

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