SCENE: Boycott Alabama Now?

Put up your dukes Dixie! The mitten state has taken off its gloves and at least one former GM auto worker is pointing the finger your way calling for a statewide ban of Alabama.

Boycott Alabama Now “has been developed by a grassroots number of true Americans who have had enough with uninformed politicians who are not helping the domestic auto industry, in this case Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Members of our website hold no grudges against all of the hard working people who live in the wonderful state of Alabama. However, it is time to fight back for America and the only way to do it is with our wallets. Our objective is to demonstrate to the senator what happens when a part of America is not supported; therefore we are launching a nationwide boycott of Alabama…And to the great people of Alabama, please keep in mind; we didn’t start this mess, our government did.”

Alabama’s Richard Shelby is certainly not the only Republican senator opposed to the 14 billion dollar governmental bailout of Detroit automakers so…I don’t really get it.
* * * * *

In completely unrelated news, except that Mississippi is next door to Alabama, former Senate Majority Leader and controversial Mississippi senator Trent Lott is speaking in NYC on Monday, December 15 @ 6:45PM. For location info, visit

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