HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS: Ford Court – Auburn, Alabama

The second incarnation of Auburn, Alabama’s home of the legendary house show comes to a close tomorrow night (1/23/09). Here’s how it all went down:

Come to Ford Ct in downtown Auburn for a cultural experience like no other in Auburn

JUNE 9, 2008 – WHY NOT?

Hello all. As a lot of you may have heard we have decided to bring house shows back to Auburn. Sadly over the years house shows have diminished here in the AU. And even more sad is the fact that the w6 House (the last house to have shows in Auburn) got torn down by a greedy evil land developer. What is there now? Absolutely nothing. A big fucking empty lot. But hey, the word is that we’re getting a Waffle House downtown!! Anyway, we decided to do something about it. We will continue the tradition of the infamous Ford Court in Auburn. HOUSE SHOWS IN THE BASEMENT Y’ALL!
So please come and show your support for the music and the scene that desperately needs everyone’s help. There can’t be a scene without YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Help the house music scene in Auburn. Please come out and show your support. The rest of the state is making fun of us and how fucking lame Auburn has become. And I have to agree, it’s pretty fucking sad. Thank goodness Rooster’s has been doin their thing. So help us make our first show a success.
JUNE 14, 2008 – Our first show!
Featuring Roof Rabbit
We will have a keg and I will be giving away RNR Poster Art.
I am encouraging people to not bring glass.
DO NOT PARK IN FORD COURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be a $5 cover.
JUNE 15: House shows are back in Auburn…with a vengeance.
Holy crap y’all!!!!!!!
Our first show was a huge success!
We weren’t real sure what the turn out or response was going to be.We had a blast. About 170 people showed up hungry to rock. And this was only our first show. Plus it was during the summer when there aren’t as many people in Auburn. We can’t wait till the fall when things willreally be jumpin here. We grilled out before the show, gave out popsicles during the show to a crowd drenched in sweat. We danced, rocked, screamed, and then sweated some more.
Roof Rabbit were amazing! Thanks for playing guys!
I want to thank everyone who came and showed their support for the scene.
There were old school Auburnites and a shit ton of new people that I didn’t even know cared.
So Thanks to you all!
TOMORROW (1/23/09): LAST SHOW!!!!

4 Bands, Photography Exhibit, Food, Birthday Cake!
Auburn, 36830Cost: $5.00
Black Diamond Heavies / Roof Rabbit / Satan’s Youth Ministers
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT: House Shows in Auburn 1990’s-2008
& for the first time at Ford Ct, PAPA D’S SUPER GRILL!!

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