“Unless I let you know ahead of time (or unless you’re some shithot shit), you probably won’t get very much money for playing here. If you’re a band from Athens you will not get any money for playing here, and if you’re from Atlanta it will probably be gas money and a little extra for some vitamins and healthy treats. If you’re a touring band please let me know your expectations and I will let you know if YOU’RE DREAMIN’, but the cap is 100 dollars or so. 200 MAX. 300 if you’re Stevie Ray Vaughn or Cindy Crawford. Please keep in mind that I am a waitress and I only get money back for the kegs if the show does really well or its an all-local show. $$$FUMAR$$$”

The Secret Squirrel is a “residential social club” in Athens, GA. Rick says: “Mercer West hosts late night house parties that usually start after 2 am and usually last until 5 am. He probably won’t answer his phone and the voice mail will say that you have reached the Money Machine. Leave a message for Mercer anyway.”

Charlotte, NC’s Yardwork plays @ Secret Squirrel Feb 27, 11PM

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