SCENE/SOUNDS: Dexateens Take Manhattan…

Photo: Stanton Newman

“Tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the Chitlin Supper at Meek High School in Arley,AL. My mother graduated from Meek High in 1967. She had the distinct pleasure of being named the Chitlin Queen one year. This was an event that she would have to drag us to over the years. My dad graduated from Curry High just over the Walker County line. My sister and I went to Walker High, a city school for god’s sakes! Why would we be caught somewhere they serve hog guts?

I have grown to appreciate the Supper more and more over the years. There’s nothing slick about it except a few of the politicians who take the stage to pander for votes. Entertainment ranges from the awful American Idolesque karaoke to traditional gospel and country. I’ve even seen buck dancing from time to time. This year our very own Lee Bains III will grace the stage for an acoustic set. His first Chitlin Supper was last year and I’m glad it seems to have stuck.

Proceeds from the Supper go to a good cause. Meek High School marching band members are cleaning chitlns at an alarming rate at the moment. 400 or 500 pounds I’m told. After the chitlins are cleaned, they are boiled, pressure cooked and then fried. Experts encourage you to drizzle them with vinegar before taking a bite. The band will bake and fry up about 800 pounds of chicken as well for those of you too chicken to try chitlins.” (Dexateens Myspace blog entry for 3/26/09).

The new Dexateens album, Singlewide, is being released tomorrow (5/12) on Skybucket Records. The band FINALLY plays NYC: 5/14 @ Pianos, and 5/17 @ Union Hall.

One thought on “SCENE/SOUNDS: Dexateens Take Manhattan…

  1. Hey, love the blog. A chick who likes the Dexateens and Alabama football? Come on. Anyway, I was hoping to use the above Dexateens photo on my blog, The Adios Lounge. Not sure if it's yours, but I wanted to attribute all proper-like. Check out the Lounge. Lots of 'Teens and the occasional Roll Tide.

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