SCENE/EAT: LSU Crawfish Boil in NYC – May 30

It’s that time of year y’all! That’s right Crawfish in NYC brought to you by the LSUNY Metro Alumni. 2000 pounds of crawfish, 16 kegs of assorted Abita beers, and jambalaya. “Be sure to tell your friends and come and join us!

When: Saturday May 30th – 1-4pm

Where: Pier 66 Maritime – Lightship Frying Pan

——> 26th Street and the Hudson River

What: 2000lbs of Crawfish with the fixins

—–> Jambalaya and 16 Kegs of Abita!

—–> Wine, Soda, Water included

—–> Cash Bar Available

Price: $60 prepay – $80 at the door
——-> Visit for tickets

Subway: 23rd St. C, E

Bus: M23 to 12th Ave.

There is no vehicle access to or taxi drop off in Hudson River Park

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Live Music:



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