You Are Invited to Concord , Virginia

Concord, Virginia – Performance and Book Release Party tonight (7/7) @ 7PM at Dixon Place (161 Chrystie Street, NYC).

Having begun the saga of Concord, Virginia: A Southern Town in Eleven Stories at HOT! 2006, Peter Neofotis celebrates St. Martin Press’s release of his award-winning book – based on his Dixon Place show series – by performing The Botanist, a gay trial tale; and The Builders, a Prometheus Bound story. (source)

St. Martin’s says:“In the places set between folds in the Earth, voices echo against mountains…”

So begins the story of Concord, Virginia, one of those places set between folds in the Earth. It’s a place like almost any other Southern town, filled with self-righteous preachers, descendants of slaves, upstanding town leaders, and the ladies of the local bridge club. But Concord has something else: a dark heart. A church has been abandoned. Vultures have been roosting in the trees at George MacJenkins’s house. Poisonous snakes follow Rachel Stetson into the river for a swim. And the ghost of Thomas Jefferson has recently spoken through a man chained to fate. Deftly spinning a web of stories from the voices of the town, Peter Neofotis creates a captivating portrait—comic, dramatic, bombastic, and tragic—of a place trapped in time and possessed by the valley landscape that surrounds it. In the tradition of great Southern gothic writing, Peter Neofotis brings to life the town of Concord, Virginia, allowing even the ancient voices there to swirl through the glazed brick streets like the Fork River. It’s a pulse-raising debut by a writer who’s created a place the reader will never forget.

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