A Wickham Anniversary

Today (7/13) marks the 40th Anniversary of the dedication of the Daniel Boone, Lester Solomon, Sitting Bull and Piomingo statue at The Wickham Stone Park in Palmyra, TN. This was the last statue to be formally dedicated.

“In the last grouping of statues that Wickham created, the selection of personalities at first seems odd. Daniel Boone and Sitting Bull are familiar characters from American frontier days, but Piomingo and Lester Solomon are more obscure to today’s audience. The lack of an elevated platform for these figures may be a reflection of Wickham’s age and reduced agility. Why did Wickham include these figures together in a grouping? Pioneering spirit, love of land, and involvement with the development and settlement of Tennessee might have been part of Wickham’s reasoning.” (source)

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