SCENE/ART: Where’s Warhol (10/3 in NC)

Posting for one of my fave places (though yet to visit!):

In celebration of Elsewhere’s recent receipt of programming support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, they’re hosting the most fabulous event of 2009.

WHERE’S WARHOL? is a fundraiser building Greensboro through exceptional art.

Andy Warhol showed the world that going to the grocery store, the department store, and the laundromat can be an exceptional aesthetic experience. Andy is American Culture and American Culture is Andy–a love of things, a chaotic archive, colored camouflage, a silver factory, an attraction to the glare of the image-sheen. We are all going absolutely bananas over Andy’s legacy living on here in Greensboro.

On SATURDAY October 3, in celebration of a tremendous gift from his foundation, they are converting Elsewhere into all things Warhol. The 15 hour extravaganza (8pm to 11am the next morning) will help exclaim a national art-landmark in downtown Greensboro. Join them for an evening of banana drinks and Campbells koozies, screen tests, photo booths, all night disco, a Velvet Underground cover band (undercover), Table 16 treats, and brunch the morning after with visiting art superstars.

Yes! Secure your spot at the extravaganza. Buy your ticket now, and play inside the magic! Tickets are limited (répondez, s’il vous plaît, s’il vous plaît). Your $ directly supports the artists that make Elsewhere possible day in and day out (and these artists need your help to make Elsewhere grow). Click Here! Click Here! See More! More is More. For more information about the party and to purchase tickets online, visit the Where’s Warhol blog!

Can’t make it to the celebration? Give the party magic as a gift and help transform downtown Greensboro through an exceptional contemporary art experiment.

Andy would have wanted it this way. (source)

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