EAT: Tipsy Parson

Tipsy Parson is another name for a trifle which, according to What’s Cooking America, “comes from the old French term ‘trufle,’ and literally means something whimsical or of little consequence.”

Tipsy Parson is also, according to Urban Daddy, a new southern restaurant opening tonight in Chelsea:

Here to help cast off the shackles of May-only julep consumption is Tipsy Parson, a new Southern-living room dedicated to year-round seasonal fruit juleps, comfort food and the art of the biscuit, opening Monday (10/26) in Chelsea.

If you’ve been craving a dollop of Southern gentility… you’ll want to drop by the two-room Parson…The front bar room feels like the bright, homey kitchen of an old Southern mansion, filled with a church pew for a banquette, lots of colorful knickknacks and plenty of secrets—like the julep slushie machine hidden behind the bar.

The back room is a bit darker, better for a long evening repast, and decked with antiques, tufted leather chairs and a communal table made out of an old cotton press.

There’s even a little garden out back if you want to bring a cigar and contemplate life above the Mason-Dixon Line.

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