Kentucky gets lucky in NYC

Well it seems to be a Kentucky themed week around good old NYC. First off, former beauty queen and KY native Miss Diane has taken over for Charlie Gibson on ABC World News Tonight.
Secondly, I ran across these amazing looking caramel wrapped marshmallows on the Williams- Sonoma website. They remind me of similar goodie that I’ve only seen at See’s Candy in Los Angeles. “Dubbed ‘Modjeskas,’ these soft caramel confections were named in honor of a beautiful Polish actress by a fervent admirer. They’re produced by a family-owned candy company in Kentucky using the recipe that Great-Grandfather Bauer developed in 1889. The handmade marshmallows, enrobed with luscious caramel, still elicit rapturous.” Santa, if you’re watching…
And last but not least, The Bell House in BKLYN is kicking off 2010 with THE KENTUCKY COLONEL’S WINTER FOLLIES & EARLY BIRD DERBY DAY PARTY :

“Come join us for a Kentucky Derby themed masterpiece starring The Girls from Wasabassco Burlesque & The Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. and Chris McDaniel with his thrilling display of bullwhip & rope tricks. It’s a Hee Haw inspired night celebrating everything southern and horsey. With another 119 days until The Kentucky Derby, we just couldn’t wait to get the party started. This is a good time to make sure your hats and seersucker suits still fit. Things to get you in the spirit: Benedictine Sandwich appetizers, Mint Juleps (1 free for the first 100 peeps), Hat Contest, Race Track Game.”

January 2 @ 9PM. Get your $10 tix here.

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