SCOOP: Scout Designs (part 2)

This week, Scout Designs partner Callie Jenschke joins us for part two of the Scout story:

Q: How long have you both been in NYC?

A: I am about to celebrate my 6th year anniversary come May. I am originally from Fredericksburg, Texas, a super quaint little town in the Texas Hill Country. Like Nicki, I thought I would be in NYC for a couple of years, but this place is like a bug that I can’t get over!

Q: How has being from the south influenced your design aesthetic (assuming it has)?

A: Well, southerners are not afraid of color. We definitely love to inject pops of color into each project. Also, being nature lovers, we are huge fans of adding texture and natural elements into a space.

Q: Do you have any fave southern (owned, themed, based) shops/restaurants here in NYC?

A: Nicki called it! We love Hill Country BBQ. I grew up eating at Kreuz’s in Lockhart, Texas (the inspiration for Hill Country). Whenever I get a pang of home sickness, that place feeds the soul!

Q: What’s one cool place from back home that you miss (place, thing, experience)?

A: I think people from the south have a connection to the land that most north easterners do not. I grew up on a ranch and love the outdoors. I often pine for those big Texas skies and wide open ranges.

Q: Is there anything else about being “southern in the city” that you’d like to comment on?

A: There is an undeniable attraction to other southerners here in this city. I moved here not knowing many friends. But after 6 years, I have seemed to cultivate a plethora of southerners! I just love folks from the south–especially the ones that love NYC as much as me.

For more info, please check out the Scout Designs site.

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