Another amazing adventure from the fab folks that brought us PieLab and BikeLab:

Pecans! is a business started by PieLab* in Greensboro, AL in conjunction with the YouthBuild* program. It was made possible by the Design Ignites Change Grant given by Worldstudio and Adobe Youth Voices. Its goal is to teach local youth to create a profitable business using a plentiful local resource, pecans. Designers at PieLab have helped the students acquire the skills they need to formulate a business plan, develop their pecan products, brand and market their products, and successfully sell them to delighted customers in Hale County and around the country. (source)

Proceeds go to the YouthBuild Scholarship Fund.

*PieLab is a pie shop and community space that was started by a group of graphic designers in conjunction with HERO, Hale Empowerment Revitalization Organization.
*YouthBuild is a national program for high school drop outs that helps them earn their GED and learn job skills while serving their communities.

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