I’ll drink to that!

Southern Comfort will donate up to $250,000 to the Gulf Relief Foundation to help the fishing community and support wetland preservation in Plaquemines Parish. Plaquemines Parish is the location of the famed Woodland Plantation appearing, until recently, on the Southern Comfort label. Created in New Orleans in 1874, Southern Comfort is kicking off the effort with an initial donation of $50,000 while raising the additional $200,000* through a Facebook initiative and a donation per bottle sold campaign.

On the Southern Comfort Facebook page, Southern Comfort will donate $1 each time a friend sends a virtual gift to a friend**. Southern Comfort will donate $0.25 for every bottle purchased until the end of October when the Voodoo Experience music festival takes place in New Orleans.

“With Katrina, we waited, we waited and we waited, but we don’t wait anymore,” said David Freedman, general manager of WWOZ radio station and a member of the three-person foundation board. “We really appreciate the support we’re getting from Southern Comfort in helping us reach out to the folks who need help right now.” (source)

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