2 more Parking Lot Movie days!

The Parking Lot Movie Trailer from The Parking Lot Movie on Vimeo.

The one week run of The Parking Lot Movie ends tomorrow (8/12) – catch it if you can:

Yo La Tengo bass player James McNew used to work there, as have grad students, overeducated philosophers, surly artists, middle-age slackers and more from the fringes of Charlottesville, Virginia. Irreverently but warmly celebrating a brotherhood of eccentric attendants who man a unique two-acre lot from the most ramshackle booth (“like something you might discover in Albania at the border”), THE PARKING LOT MOVIE humorously reveals class warfare within its blacktop microcosm. SXSW 2010’s “most feel-good film” (The Wrap) makes its New York premiere with a week-long engagement, August 6 – 12.

Three years in the making, director Meghan Eckman’s documentary portrait shows how certain details and themes gain profundity through the daily scrutiny of these parking lot attendants: car culture, capitalism, entitlement, fury and justice, public drunkenness, spiritual awareness, societal frictions, and other existentialist cries from the service sector. If the intersection between the status quo and the quest for freedom is their ultimate challenge, could a slab of asphalt be an emotional way station for The American Dream? As one part-timer laments, “We had it all in a world that had nothing to offer us.” (source)

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