The Rock Star Next Door

Elliott McPherson has a word of advice for kids out there dreaming of becoming rock stars. Don’t.

“I don’t know that I would advise a young child to aspire be a rock star,” he said. “As an older person that would be my advice, but as a younger person that would not be what I’d want to hear.”

McPherson is the founder of the beloved Tuscaloosa, Alabama, rock group, The Dexateens, which was formed when he was pretty much just a kid himself.

McPherson grew up in a religious household about a mile from Mt. Meigs, Alabama. He was not allowed to listen to rock music as a kid and gravitated toward country and gospel. Once in high school, he was turned on to classic rock via his car radio and introduced to Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. While attending the University of Alabama, he met a kindred spirit in Matt Patton.

“He and I were both sort of raised in Southern, religious homes and were real familiar with gospel music and country music, and he and I also both had a love for punk rock music,” he said. “He and I talked about what it might be like to bring all those things together.”

And The Dexateens were born.

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