STAGE: "He couldn’t spell Mississippi. He put so many p’s in it you could serve it up for soup"

Charles MacArthur’s fast-paced satire of American politics, Johnny On A Spot, concerns the machinations of a particularly inventive campaign manager to elect (southern state) Governor Johnny, a devout drunk and skirt-chaser, to the U.S. Senate. When he drops dead in a whorehouse, the manager conspires to keep him “alive” long enough to win the election. (Source: Ovation)
Johnny On A Spot runs thru October 4 at:
423 West 46th Street
New York, New York 10036
Just off Ninth Avenue
E,C to 50th St., 1,9,2,3,N,R,W,Q to Times Square, F,V Rockefeller Center

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