BOOK: The Fireman’s Wife

My friend (ok, so she’s just my Facebook friend and I don’t actually know her) Hollis Gillespie vouched for this book a little while ago and that’s good enough for me:

It’s June 1970. As the low country of South Carolina burns in a seven-month drought, Cassie Johnson longs for escape: both from her husband, Peck, the town’s newly promoted fire chief, who seems more interested in saving everyone else’s life than in living his own, and from the low country marshes where Cassie has never quite felt at home. But as Peck and Cassie drift apart, their teenage daughter, Kelly, finds herself torn between her parents and her desperate need for normalcy. It will take a tumultuous journey back to the North Carolina mountains before Cassie can begin to understand the complicated love that resides, unrecognized, deep in her heart.

From a masterly voice in Southern fiction, The Fireman’s Wife is an emotionally bare and moving novel about one woman’s struggle to do what’s right–for her family, for her love, and for herself. (source)

Catch Riggs’ book tour this week:

City Lights Bookstore & Cafe
3 East Jackson St. Sylva, NC 28779

Osondu Booksellers
184 N. Main Street
Waynesville, NC 28786

Malaprops Bookstore
55 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801

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