ART/SCENE: 2009 Ozark Folk School (3/15 – 20)

Go see what the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas is really about! Study for a week under a serious craftsperson or musician and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

The 2009 classes for Ozark Folk School are being lined up now. Over 20 Craft classes will be offered including Blacksmithing, Pottery, Jewelry Making, Knife Making, Quilting, Basketry, Wood Carving and Loom Weaving. Tuition is $250 for the five day workshop week, with some instructors charging additional materials fees. Extracurricular activities include free Southern Mountain Folk Dancing, a “Gallery Walk” of instructor and student work, Blanchard Springs Cavern tour, a documentary film showing and a Music Instructor’s Concert. Contact them at (870)269-3851 for more information. Enrollment is limited so when you see the class you want, register! A 5 Night lodging package is available for $305.25 as well as a complete or partial meal plan.

The Ozark Folk Center is America’s only facility that works at sharing the heritage and way of life of the Ozark Mountain People. It’s lively. It’s entertaining. It makes learning about Ozark history and heritage loads of fun. It’s an adventure to yesterday’s Ozark way of life that you can see, touch and enjoy today.”The Ozark Folk Center, dedicated to providing living history exists to: preserve, document, display and interpret the cultural and social history of the Ozark region, an area that takes up part of five states: Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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