SCENE: VOV Music Fest kicks off today in Hot Springs, AR

Small venue, small town Arkansas, completely run by volunteers

The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival (VOV) is gearing up for its 5th and biggest year yet with bands traveling from as far away as Australia, Canada, Israel, New York, California and all points in between. These bands make up the fabric of a global community of DIY’sters who focus on sound, measure, tempo and theme and leave the pop writing formula on the backburner, so they may be someday noted for their musical innovation and not the gross total of records sold.

But The VOV is more than the bands it attracts – The VOV is not the bloated idea of “festival” that has been defined by Lollapolooza, Coachella, or Bonarroo where 876545677896 bands play on 7654329007 stages, in front of 87887866669808708098098 people who will fight you for a spot in line at one of the 13 port-a-potties. No, The VOV is about community. We are a festival organized and run by volunteers who need something more, something raw, something real to inspire them. We hit the streets and ask for donations, grants, food, drinks, microphones, hammers, nails and duct tape – whatever it takes to make it happen just one time a year.

THIS YEAR’S LINEUP, ncludes Monotonix. Pretty & Nice, AIDS Wolf, The Queers, Poison Arrows, Pink Spiders and more.

The VOV is a 501(c)3 public charity. With the help of dedicated sponsors and volunteers The VOV has been producing original, forward-thinking and independent music in the small town of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas since 2005. In four short years, The VOV hosted nearly 700 cutting edge, internationally touring artists who performed to a combined audience of about 7000 music lovers over the course of 6 festivals. The 5th Annual VOV will be held in March 2009 and is the perfect pit stop to those of you traveling to or from SXSW. The VOV also holds sporadic shows throughout the year.

The VOV Independent Music Festival Kicks off today (3/17/09) at Low Key Arts in Hot Springs, AR with the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade and runs thru 3/22/09.

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