SPORTS: Manhattan March Madness 2009 – Where to Watch the Sweet Sixteen in NYC


Birmingham Arts Journal

March Madness – Southern Style, by Jeff and Ashley Fryer

Are you itching to watch your favorite Southern teams in the Sweet Sixteen this year with fellow ex-pats and Southern supporters? Here’s a list of official viewing parties, alumni club hangouts, and Southern college basketball enthusiast gatherings in Manhattan for the remaining Southern teams. Southern teams make up nearly a third of the teams left in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this year, so there are plenty of opportunities to cheer for those South of the Mason-Dixon!For game times and opponent information, check .

Also below are some little tidbits about each school, to help stump that annoying know-it-all alumna/alumnus over a few beers, courtesy of U.S. News.

Duke Blue Devils (Durham, NC):

Confirmed viewing party for NYC alumni: Village Pourhouse (64 3rd Ave. at E. 11th St.).

The Duke University “Blue Devils” team nickname finds its origins in French soldiers in World War I.

Louisville Cardinals (Louisville, KY):

Their alumni club’s official NYC game watch site: The Hill (416 3rd Ave. between E. 29th and 30th sts.)

19% of students at the Univ. of Louisville major in business, management, and marketing, making it the school’s most popular program.

Memphis Tigers (Memphis, TN):

Confirmed NYC alumni viewing party: Rogue Bar (757 6th ave. between 25th/26th sts.).

The University of Memphis got a live tiger cub, dubbed TOM III, to take over its mascot crown in November 2008.

North Carolina Tar Heels (Raleigh, NC):

Confirmed viewing party for NYC alumni: Firefly (54 Spring St. near Mulberry St.)

The University of North Carolina was the country’s 1st state university and the only public university to award degrees in the 18th century.

Oklahoma Sooners (Norman, OK):

Their NYC viewing home is at The Pressbox (932 2nd Ave. between E. 49th & 50th sts.)

So what exactly is a “sooner,” the team nickname of the University of Oklahoma? An “energetic individual who travels ahead of the human procession,” the school says.


To see an interactive Google map we did of where the 21 original (pre-elimination) Southern schools are located, goHERE . To see where all of these parties are at in NYC, go to another Google map HERE .

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