SCENE: DO-Nanny 2009, Seale AL

The folks in Seale, AL are readying for the 2009 Do-Nanny, being held March 26 – 29 on Butch Anthony‘s place on Poorhouse Road. The Do-Nanny was founded by Frank Turner, the “mayor” of Pittsview, 13 years ago at his office compound in Pittsview, not long after beginning to collect the work of Butch, John Henry Toney, and Buddy Snipes. Turner passed away in August 2008 but hats off and many thanks to his spirit and vision and in his honor the Do-Nanny carries on – bigger, better and more ways to get involved.

Do-Nanny is held on the Anthony homestead

MOVIES AND WORKSHOPS……….make your 5min or less doo movie now, and get it to “the Laster’s three” by Mar 15th.…….DVD or videotape is fine….participate…….the “WoWFest” Woods of Wunder Movie Festival aims to be the world’s premier lo-fi movie festival, and the ONLY one in the world that allows ‘hand-cranked”, or “4D Primordial” formats that involve live action performance built around a “moving picture” core……..we are all-inclusive, so if you have a “hi-fi” approach, that is more than welcome, absolutely, but we want to encourage participation, invention, and creativity and any and all levels and splatter that on a level playing field…..whoever gets the most clap wins. Here is a great “lo-fi” technique for the technically challenged…….shoot a short on your cellphone, capture it on a point-and-shoot in movie mode, plug that into a tv and play it while recording it on a vcr or dvd recorder… done…….you can, of course, just start with the point-and-shoot movie, but if you get something good with your cell, this is a good lo-fi way to get it to the doo… you would get extra points for the extra lo-fi transfer………contact the WowFest administrators, “the Lasters three” by clicking on them in the top friends on this site for info on where to send your movie……..if you think you can just show up with it on doo-day like before, be WARNED here, you will be stripped naked and publicly ridiculed………..send them a movie asap…..ok…..go……

WORKSHOPS………these are going to be FUN and EXCITING, and a supremely awesome way to spend a day, so come for the “Full Doo”, by arriving on wed to camp, and enjoy the thurs workshops……they are $3 ea, payable in 7 different currencies, including pie and drawerings…….you can take one and GIVE one, or take two, or give two, or take one and extend your siesta…….so far, we have workshops lined up for Organic Gardening, Papermaking, Traditional Southern Stitchery, Tinctures and Elixers, “Wild-carding”, and a couple more i can’t think of at this moment…..Here is a rare opportunity;……just look up, or make up, anything you want, from the mundane to the bizzare, and think of a homegrown, lo-fi way to present and interact on the subject for 2-3 hrs and COME GIVE A WORKSHOP!……this will be a live-action process this first time out, so jump in and PARTICIPATE…….final workshop times and locales will be listed on wed eve on a chalkboard……if you are signed up to give a workshop and no one signs up for it, no big deal, just join in another one that is going on and move ahead, or reschedule or combine it……this is free-flow creative interaction……sculpt with it…….THURS WILL BE FUNx10, so be here now, then……more on these later………….another tip…..if you want to do a workshop on scandinavian camel dung and it’s uses in medicine and art, but are a skeerdy cat, or need some help massaging that idea into a 2-3hr presentation, i can consult with you personally on how to do that…. oh, speaking of massaging, it looks like we will have an on-site masseuse this year, and hopefully as part of the thurs program..
“In conversations with Frank over the past few years he always said he didn’t know how much longer he could do it..,” recalls Matt Jankowski. “He was an amazing man with a glorious past and gifted an even greater future to the world with his encouragement of a new generation of intuative visionaries. GONE but not forgotten… indelibly etched in my creative soul. Thank you to the Mayor Frank Turner. Amen!”

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