ART: De-weaponizing the Gun

The exhibit of Walton Creel‘s De-weaponizing The Gun at the Coleman Center For the Arts in York, AL closes this week with a reception and community paintball event on August 15. Catch it while you can…

“Creel’s work investigates various aspects of Southern culture. In his recent series, De-weaponizing the Gun, Creel renders iconic images from nature with a .22 caliber rifle. The pointillist ‘drawings,’ which include a deer, a wren, and an owl, among others, are presented on four by six foot painted aluminum panels. Creel states that his recent work is meant ‘to manipulate the gun into a tool of creation.’ The irony of these dynamic images bring both humor and weight to Creel’s subject matter.” (source)

Be on the lookout for issue #82 of New American Paintings which features Creel’s work along with other artists from the South. The current issue was juried by Ron Platt, curator of Contemporary Art, Birmingham Museum of Art.

And if you’re stuck (like me) in NYC and can’t make it to AL this coming weekend, you can still blast-off with a little Shootin’ & Drinkin’ thanks to Urban Escapes.

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