God Ain’t Got No Black Church and No White Church…

David Lynch’s Interview Project has me waxing nostalgic about a similar endeavor that a cousin and I undertook while roadtripping around the South and Midwest in 2001. That March we drove the Great River Road from St. Louis to New Orleans where we met and interviewed Leroy the goat man from Kentucky; the waitress in Big Reel Lake, TN whose life was incomplete until she had a child of her own; three convicts working on the side of the road in the Mississippi Delta; and Margaret and Preacher a little further on in Vicksburg.

Interview Project operates under the same premise: ride around and talk to folks who just look interesting. Their posting began 6/1 with an interview from Needles, CA and a new segment goes up every three days. The route has snaked its way from CA to UT, NM, TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, and as of Sunday (8/9) they’ve hit Vicksburg, MS where they interviewed Margaret Dennis.

And so, I remember a little over 8 years ago when Jessica and I paid our own visit. Margaret and Preacher welcomed us into their home and their church. Preacher took us onto his bus and stood at his pulpit and prayed Psalm 23 over us. Well, I can’t say much more about it than that except you kinda sorta had to be there. And with the Interview Project you kinda sorta can.

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