SCREEN: Gospel Hill – may be closing tonight @ Quad

From the Quad website: In the small town of Julia, the residents of the black neighborhood of Gospel are being forced out of their homes to make way for a multi-million dollar golf course development. Dr. Ron Palmer (Giancarlo Esposito), an influential black community leader is supporting the project. As the confrontations get hot, the residents remember when, 30 years ago, Peter Malcolm (Samuel Jackson) , a black civil rights activist, was assassinated. The black community is now looking to Malcolm’s son John (Danny Glover) to lead the fight. He’s haunted by his father’s assassination and is hesitant despite the pushing from his outspoken wife Sarah (Angela Bassett). Getting in the middle of this fracas is the new teacher Rosie (Julia Stiles) who sides with the blacks. Meanwhile, John Malcolm begins to realize that the fight for equality didn’t die with his father. His wife Sarah continues to stir things up and expose the corruption until John is thrust into the position he shared with his father thirty years ago. (Running time 1:39 )

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