St EOM’s Pasaquan is open for visitors tomorrow (9/5)!

I built this place to have somethin’ to identify with, cause there’s nothin’ that I see in this society that I identify with or desire to emulate.

Here I can be in my own world with my temples and designs and the spirit of God. I don’t have nothin’ against other people and their beliefs. I’m not askin’ anybody to do my way or be my way.

Although, when I’m dead and gone, they’ll follow like night follows day.”

St. EOM to his biographer, Tom Patterson, 1985

Pasaquan is located in Buena Vista (bit east of Columbus, GA) and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Eddie Owens Martin died at Pasaquan in 1986 but his legacy and visionary environment lives on. You can support this project by visiting, volunteering, joining the Pasaquan Preservation Society and/or buying a copy of “the book.”

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