Beach Schmeach!

First off, I have to say that friends have come back from trips to the Bama coast saying “we didn’t see any oil all week!” So, I’m not sure how bad it is right now in person, despite the news reports. But regardless, there’s still a ton of great stuff to do in the area that doesn’t involve actually going to the beach. Here’s a list from

3 thoughts on “Beach Schmeach!

  1. Sorry you feel that way. I was just trying to do my part in promoting the businesses that are still there and still trying to operate. Supporting one does not mean that I don't support or feel for the other. We're all in this together! (Or at least I hope we are)

  2. Thanks for replying and I guess I just am very upset and sensitive about the whole oil "spill" situation. It seems so incomprehensible! I hope we're all in it together too. I surely didn't mean to discount what you were saying. I just think as humans we sometimes are a bit short-sighted. We don't even know the fallout yet—whole ecosystems have been destroyed. I do hope the environment is able to bounce back with our help–it's such a catastrophe! Please check out my blog post at and a sticker I designed at Thanks!Darryl

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