Citizen Gulf tonight in NYC

Tonight (8/25) – in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – there will be a series of CitizenGulf meet-ups across the country to fundraise and benefit fishing families affected by the oil spill. At the #citizengulf NYC meet-up, you make a step towards actionable change. Held at the Village Pourhouse in the East Village, special guest speaker is Erik Proulx, executive producer of Lemonade, the movie, will be joined by social media voices like Damien Basile, Anna Curran, Nicole D’Alonzo, Erica Grigg, Geoff Livingston, Richard Laermer, and Greg Verdino. Social Media Club is a national partner for this event. Register:

Please tweet about the event:

Join @SMCNYC on 8/25 for #CitizenGulf Fundraiser RSVP pls RT

(source: smcnyc)

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